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AbbeyK is an interior design firm based in Boston. We are known for clean, livable design — where the colors are “just right” and the space feels comfortable and beautiful, never fussy or stuffy.

Our firm is headed by Abbey Koplovitz  who has 17 years in the business. Work with us and you’ll get the full attention of Abbey along with her design expertise, stellar service, and impressive organization skills.

We understand that it can feel overwhelming. And no one wants to make an expensive mistake so we streamline the process and take the stress out decision-making.

We want your home to be about you. That’s why we don’t have a specific look we re-create. We work in every style imaginable from classic New England all the way to modern. We delight in working on historic homes and making them comfortable for today’s living.

If you have a challenge that you haven’t been able to solve, or something specific in mind, let us know and we can figure out how to work together. We offer:

Full-Service Interior Design, Interior Decorating, and Renovations

 Some projects are whole houses, some a few rooms. Often we work in stages. We do a lot of custom work which includes built-ins, offices, and furniture. We also love doing bathrooms — high-end as well as bang-for-your buck. We are experts in aging-in-place.

Smaller, Defined Projects

Help with less commitment. We offer lighting plans, space planning, materials selection, and furniture layout. If you are about to begin a renovation, we can prepare plans, select materials, and then pass it on to you. We offer a second opinion on builder’s or architect’s plans which allows you to catch issues that you may not have thought about before it’s too late.

Color Consulting

This one is easy because we love color.


AbbeyK on TV

  • This Old House®
    West Newton Shingle-Style
    episode 11
  • This Old House®
    West Newton Shingle-Style
    episode 16
  • New england Dream House

Abbey Koplovitz trained as a fine artist and it shows. Her work combines an artist’s understanding of color and light with a designer’s technical skills and expertise.

Although each project is unique, certain themes are consistent — beautiful fabrics, varied textures, and inspired color palettes. Clients often tell Abbey that their homes look like everything belongs, that the colors feel right, and that their home is comfortable and beautiful. They remark that there is a new level of ease to their lives, like taking a deep, relaxing breath every day.

These are the gifts Abbey can share with you.

AbbeyK’s work can be seen in homes throughout the Boston area, on Cape Cod and in New York. Abbey is featured on This Old House®, New England Dream Home, and Houzz.


  • Abbey is informed, articulate and professional in every way.
    Her work is creative and

  • Extremely knowledgeable, talented, attentive, and conscientious… and an uncanny ability to understand her customer’s taste and then make suggestions that will appeal.

  • An artist, marriage counselor, accountant and pseudo sister. I cannot say enough about her ability to work with the client’s taste, infusing reason and elegance.


Blog and Project Updates

February 15 , 2016

Why I Like to Start my Decorating Projects with the Rug

Where do you start your decorating project?
Some designers start with a fabric and build the room around that. Sometimes it’s a beloved item, like a painting, that serves as the inspiration. Sometimes it’s the view out the window. Many times, clients do not have a starting point. That’s why they...

January 30 , 2016

Pantone Colors of the Year 2016

The Pantone Colors of the Year for 2016 were announced and they are Rose Quartz and Serenity. We will be seeing this in decor and fashion and florals and bridal and everywhere in between.


  • Always an exciting day when the backsplash goes in. Custom tile with random layout. Soft like the ocean. Ahhh. #bostoninteriordesign #kitchenremodel #kitchenbacksplash
  • When you don’t have time to drop something off to be hemmed, you break out the Bernina. Been at least 6 years. I still remembered how to thread it, and fill the bobbin too, but sew straight line? Not so much. #bostoninteriordesigner #bernina #showercurtain
  • My fav Red of all times is Donald Kauffman. DKC-17. It’s so good there is only one red in the whole palette. Sits back. Neither advances or recedes. Perfect. I don’t care that it costs more money. It’s worth it. Here’s a color story I did for a condo. Red is accent wall on fireplace wall. Blue for bathrooms to bring out wood tone and tile. The rest soothing neutrals. #bostoninteriordesigner #donaldkauffmanpaint #ilovecolor #colorconsulting
  • My quilt project continues: look, Ma! I made a lighter one. #bostoninteriordesigner #interiordesign #artquilt #bluefabric
  • Client called for the name of a paint color from 2 years ago. The original color we chose was replaced — but the change never made it onto to the paint schedule. Luckily I save all emails so I figured it out. X marked the spot on the palette so I am pretty sure this was the color. (I never use Sherwin Williams.) I emailed her to confirm #bostoninteriordesigner #interior paintcolors
  • Time for a project. Bought blue quilting fabrics cuz my Living Room has been needs some blue horizontal stripes the deep color of water, doncha think? Stapled up some white felt and I am good to go. (That’s what sparkle is for later!) #bostoninteriordesigner #artquilt #bluequilt #livingroomdecor
  • Road Trip! Didn’t find the used cabinets we were looking for at Re-store, but saw a few gems including this AMAZING door knocker and this historic hotel in downtown.#bostoninteriordesigner #restore #springfieldmass #hotelworthy
  • You know you are a design geek when you bid on and win a book on iron work. When it arrives you are BEYOND excited (even if its’s musty) #bostoninteriordesigner #ironwork #auction
  • What the client chose! In love with the green velvet. And the small scale by Romo. Perfect combo with the flooring (and wallpaper not shown) #bostoninteriordesigner #bruschwig #velvet #romofabrics

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