Let AbbeyK Be Your Expert Guide

At AbbeyK, we understand that a home renovation or a decorating project can feel overwhelming. And no one wants to make an expensive mistake. That’s why we have simplified the process and offer you 3-D visualizations. This takes the worry and stress out of decision-making; and, instead, makes it fun! Work with AbbeyK and you get Abbey Koplovitz’s full and undivided attention.

Your Home/Your Style

We want your home to reflect you and how you live, so we do not have a signature look. We do every look from Classic New England to Modern — and everything in between.

Decorating Can Make Your Life Better

We believe that your home — when it’s done right — can change your life for the better. It can allow you to relax and live and be and feel at home. These notions are intangible. And yet we all know as soon as we walk in the door if they are present or not. At AbbeyK we like to fix your home so you have these intangibles. It may achieved by updating the décor, adding storage, renovating, or a combo. No matter the scope, where we start from is a very simple concept: We want you to love where you live.

Full-Service Interior Design, Interior Decorating, and Renovations

We do whole houses, a few rooms at a time, and we often work in stages. We do every kind of custom work you can imagine: built-ins, offices, window treatments, furniture. We do home renovations including construction sets for the contractors. We especially love renovating bathrooms.

Smaller, Defined Projects

You may have thought you are not in a position to work with a seasoned, high-end, interior designer. That’s because very few designers of Abbey’s talent, expertise, and experience are willing to take on small projects! Have something in mind? Perhaps you did a renovation, but you still need window treatments and some rugs. Or perhaps you want to redecorate, but keep a few family pieces. Sure, no problem. In addition, we provide consultations including a second opinion on builder’s/architect’s plans; paint color selection, and reviewing ideas you might have for a renovation or decorating project but are not sure if it’s feasible or how to go about it.

Virtual Design, 3-D, and 3-D Walk-throughs

Without a doubt, technology has altered the landscape of interior design. Zoom and FaceTime have changed the way we have been working during Covid, and in many ways for the better. We can review plans and ideas together online and make changes as we go along! Maybe you thought you wanted a gray sofa but wonder what blue might look like. I can show you that in real time! Another benefit of working with AbbeyK is that we provide 3-D views of your space along with 3-D walk-throughs so you can visualize just about everything: how your home can look, how your space can feel, and how your space can flow from one room to the next. It takes the guess work out out of the equation. What a game changer technology has become: It’s an exciting time to be a designer.

AbbeyK on TV

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    West Newton Shingle-Style
    episode 11
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  • New england Dream House


Although each project is unique, certain themes are consistent — beautiful fabrics, varied textures and patterns, and inspired color palettes.

Abbey trained as a fine artist and it shows. Her understanding of light and how it affects color is the reason she can make your home to look “just right,” never over-done or fussy. Abbey’s work is comfortable, warm, and welcoming. There is an elegance to it. Our clients often tell us: “My home looks better than I ever could have imagined,” and “It’s my taste, only better, ” and “This looks like it always belonged here.”

We are known for

Clean and Livable Design

Aging-in-Place and Downsizing

Bathrooms — We Love Doing Bathrooms!

Historic/ Older Homes: Updating For Today’s Living

Color — Any Color Palette Imaginable! From Soft/Neutral to Big and Bold to Anything That Makes You Happy

Abbey Koplovitz is an award-winning designer with nearly 20 years experience. She has been featured in many publications, and appeared on This Old House®, New England Dream Home, and Houzz.


  • Abbey is informed, articulate and professional in every way.
    Her work is creative and

  • Extremely knowledgeable, talented, attentive, and conscientious… and an uncanny ability to understand her customer’s taste and then make suggestions that will appeal.

  • An artist, marriage counselor, accountant and pseudo sister. I cannot say enough about her ability to work with the client’s taste, infusing reason and elegance.


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