October 25 , 2009

What’s Behind Your Sofa?

Rita Konig asks in the New York Times Inside Out, What's Behind the Sofa? She has every decorator's fave parson's table from West Elm. For $349 how can you go wrong? Comes in a few colors too! I love the white. By the way, I am not opposed to retail here and there. Just please don't make your home look like a Crate and Barrel showroom. Seriously– break it up a bit, OK?

West elm consoloe table

Me, I don't have anything behind my sofa. It's against the wall. But wondering what you folks have?


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13 thoughts on “What’s Behind Your Sofa?”

  1. Hi Abbey,
    I actually built a 5″ shelf just below the back of my sectional that spans the entire L (the sectional is placed in a corner). Its a great place to put drinks!
    Paula Grace

  2. Here is our floating sofa, can’t see the table behind but Ana is smiling
    Kind of see it here:
    Here it is:
    It’s a $30 find, a steel frame that is black and kind-of looks like iron, bought with no top. The top is from a buffet my grandfather made that just happened to fit and it’s pretty beat up.
    Anyway, all our furniture floats in this room and the sofa table is a requirement.

  3. yeah:)when all furniture in the room is up against walls it seems to me like a doctor’s office. Little groupings are so much more interesting and work, especially in a small room!

  4. I have my sofa against the wall as small living room but do dream of big enough room for something behind it that’s not just dust! However, I have a beautiful antique Chinese silk painting behind it on the wall and as it’s predominantly gold it gives off a glow which illuminates this flat space. I really like your blog Abbey, very useful and informative thanks.

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