May 14 , 2012

What’s Been Going on at AbbeyK

Oh I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. So much going on — all good. But change has a way of slowing you down as you bring in the new. I have made a commitment today to be more active blogging. I miss it actually.

Here’s what we are up to:

1) Our whole house project in Needham is through Stage 1. The main living areas have all been ordered. Clients are moving in next week. Blinds will get installed just in time for the first night’s sleep over. I am so glad the blinds are ready. That’s a relief. Next up: secondary spaces, art, and accessories. In due time.

2) Reno in Newton is through rough inspection. Last week, we reviewed dimensions for the dining room table, and altered them slightly to give the room more breathing space. This dining room is going to be not just a little fab, but incredible. Below the room shot, you can see a picture of the rug, the finish for the table, blue grass cloth for the walls, and the fabric for the A. Rudin dining room chairs. The patterned fabric will go on the host and hostess chairs and the side chairs will be upholstered in the textured fabric. Not shown are a Keith Fritz custom table (oh joy) and the ivory and camel wool fabric for the window treatments which drape like buttah. Full-on heart palps for this room. We have to pick a chandelier and it’s done. Most of the rest of the house is also ordered and we are very excited.

Newton DR

Dr fabrics

3) This Old House basement has had undergone quite a transformation. Below you can see the same vantage point framed up and with plastered walls. We’re waiting for flooring, cabinets, and lighting be installed. Getting rid of all the poles holding up the house and putting in steel beams in their place for support allowed us to reclaim a very large room which was mostly unusable before. We’re making decisions on furniture now. I must say that Tommy’s Silva’s crew keep the cleanest job site I have ever seen. Impressive.

< Basement rough

TOH finish

4) Other smaller projects, clients doing finishing touches, a new client here and there and the phone ringing off the hook.

New and exciting things are sure to come in. And it’s always fun to see what unfolds.

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5 thoughts on “What’s Been Going on at AbbeyK”

  1. Really like your presentation on lighting, and I totally agree it can have a profound effect on the success, or otherwise, in finishing a room and creating the ambiance or feel required. Personally I like what you have achieved in the bathroom example, the blinds add a bit of drama with the external natural light percolating through in blazing horizontal lines, whilst the thought you have given to the positioning of task lighting is often overlooked – how often spotlights are positioned directly over mirrors I would not like to guess, but certainly I think it might be why my own reflection in many mirrors is not as ‘cover page’ as would like – that’s my excuse anyway.

  2. Great improvements on the house! I wish I can make those designs to my own house especially to my dinning room and small bathroom. The space looks much bigger and very comfortable. I wish I can do the same with mine. Can I have some tips and suggestions? Budget is my primary concern, I hope the renovation will be cost effective and budget friendly. But no worries, I will do what it takes just to make my dinning room and small bathroom be spacious without the need of renovation. Please post more designs. Thanks!

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