November 30 , 2007

Trim Color of Stain, This Old House

The wood trim in the house was dark and dirty. When the painters cleaned it, it revealed a lighter wood with yellow tones in it. The problem? We had not planned on stripping and re-staining the trim. The trim was to stay as is.

OK so plans change and usually for the better…. the issue at hand was that all of the decor choices were decided with the trim color in mind so the trim color becomes a major design feature to consider. And there’s a lot of it — crown moulding, window trim, base board, , openings to the room, pocket doors, built-ins, fire places, stair way.

We picked fabrics and wood tones for the coffee and end tables to coordinate with the wood tone of the trim. A huge trickle down effect, we’d need to have the stain tinted to bring back some of the rich tones.

So we had a meeting in the morning to discuss what we were after. We liked how the wood lightened up, but didn’t like the yellow factor. Then Maurice mixed up some samples and put them on the opening around the pocket doors. We met again at the end of the work day to approve. With just 2 weeks left, we’re on a tight deadline.

Here’s Maddy next to the 3 of the 7 options. We picked the bottom right. Not too dark and not too light. Just right.

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2 thoughts on “Trim Color of Stain, This Old House”

  1. I am remodeling a house in which we would like to maintain the original dark wood stain, however, we removed a built-in to open up the kitchen to diningroom, leaving a 9’opening. We want to stain the
    fir and hemlock, that was used to build the archway, to match the old dark stain. The wood we used is both restored, stripped, fir and new hemlock. Does anyone know a stain formula that we can start with which is a close match to these commonly used, old, dark stains?

  2. I don’t believe what you are looking for exists.
    I wish it were! Like that lipstick that is supposed to look good on everyone….
    The old dark stains have yellowed over time so it’s very very difficult to match them. You will have to custom mix and test. But it might be best to go over them all so they look fresh. Best of luck.

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