February 11 , 2011

The Home of a Decorator Who Works Out of Her Home

When I go to client's homes, the first thing they often say is: My house is a mess, I am so embarrassed. My typical response is: I didn't make my bed this morning and there are dishes in the sink, or something like that. I should carry pictures of my home with me on my iPad.

The truth is, unless there's a hoarding problem or outside of the norm filth, I don't notice it. Simply put, I am not there to judge people's housecleaning. People live in their homes. If there are kids, there are toys. If they work, there are papers. If they eat, there is often a coffee cup or some crumbs.That's normal.

 2.11.11 worktable 
Here's my dining room and kitchen, which during the day morph into a studio. We worked on 3 projects yesterday: fabrics for a first floor of a 1850s Colonial Revival in Cambridge; lighting and finishing touches for the pied-a-terre in Boston; blinds for a home in Westwood.

Cleaning lady comes in an hour so I have to get it all put everything away NOW.

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9 thoughts on “The Home of a Decorator Who Works Out of Her Home”

  1. That picture is funny because it looks a lot like many areas in my own home…at any given time I have marble samples, tons of fabric swatches, wallpaper samples, etc…all over the place. But there is a method to the madness, right? I somehow get it all done and know exactly what I want when I need it…..just figure it out somehow!
    Anyway new to blogging, glad to have found you! Plesae visit me, started a new blog about the building of our new home and my love for design/decor…also doing my first giveaway, a gorgeous french chair.

  2. We love the way we live or we wouldn’t live that way. With my clients they also apologize for the state of things. I remind them that I’m there to see them and I don’t judge how they live. I also remind them that if they’re comfortable I’m flattered. Comfortable comes in many forms.

  3. Aside from a pleasing and functional aesthetic, a living space needs signs of actual life. At least that’s what I tell my husband as he surveys my aesthetically pleasing displays of works in progress.

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