May 10 , 2010

What Reality TV Teaches Me about Myself and about Interior Design

I admit it. I LOVE reality TV.

I learn about sales from "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC. It's about brides-to-be finding the right wedding dress from Kleinfeld's bridal boutique in NYC. The staff seems to deal with every possible sales situation, and they describe their challenges with a dose of humor and honesty. Sometimes associates forget to check on a budget or they do not realize who the decision maker is, and other times, they are not able to figure out what the bride wants.

One of the consultants discusses price point in a very creative way. She says, "They start at $1800 and go all the way to dream land." Love calling a high price point "dream land" because it does not place a judgment. And it's funny. When you are dealing with very (very) large numbers, it can be good to joke.

I also love how they ask: "Is this your dress?" when they are trying to close the sale.

Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive are shows I am currently taping. I once had a client who was a hoarder. You can't decorate for a hoarder. They need professional organizers in addition to other help, but it was early on in my career and I didn't know better.

On these hoarding shows, stuff that takes over a homeowner's life. Some collect, some live in squalor, but the stuff has gotten in the way.

Most everyone has too much stuff.  I grew up in a messy home, so I am a bit of an anti-stuff decorator. I know, oxymoron. But as I am also a human decorator, when I get super busy, my home can look like a hurricane passed through.

I definitely don't hoard stuff though. But what I have realized is that I hold on to files on my computer. I need to purge. Do I really need every "before" shot for projects completed forever ago? Do I need the blurry photos of my 2-year-old nephew?

The human condition can be about how loud a problem is. So here are my questions for you.  How do you see reality TV pertaining to your life or those you know? What are your guilty pleasure TV shows. Is it true for you that all TV is a waste of time? Do tell!

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