September 1 , 2010

Does Your Language Shape How You Think?

According to Guy Deutscher from the New York Times Magazine, "The idea that your mother tongue shapes your experience of the world may be true after all.
Recently, it has been demonstrated in a series of ingenious experiments that we even perceive colors through the lens of our mother tongue. There are radical variations in the way languages carve up the spectrum of visible light; for example, green and blue are distinct colors in English but are considered shades of the same color in many languages. And it turns out that the colors that our language routinely obliges us to treat as distinct can refine our purely visual sensitivity to certain color differences in reality, so that our brains are trained to exaggerate the distance between shades of color if these have different names in our language. As strange as it may sound, our experience of a Chagall painting actually depends to some extent on whether our language has a word for blue."
This is simply fascinating.
Read the whole article here. Published: August 26, 2010.
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