October 1 , 2013

I Have Walls Up and It Is a Good Thing

There are 2 very exciting parts of a project. When the walls come down and you can see the potential and when the walls go up and you can feel the transformation of space.

Our walls just went up last week.

This week is a big week for progress. The floors are going in, so are the door jams and my beautiful windows. My in-law's kitchen was installed over the weekend and the counters are being templated tomorrow. The tiler began working on the in-law's bathroom today. Soon they will have a full bath on the first floor.

The contractors are working full steam while I am a little behind on making decisions. This is an understatement, It is also NOT how I do things for clients. I am apparently my own worst client. So we made a big list and last weekend focused on window treatments, paint colors, lighting, counter tops and trim. Perhaps a bit ambitious?

We crossed 2 items off our list. Bathroom sconces and trim. We went to Anderson McQuaid twice for trim and got that figured out. Looking at trim profiles has got to be one of the most confusing things. What they look like face on and what they look like in profile takes some brain gymnastics to see, even when you are used to looking at them.


They don't have a matching profile for our trim, even though the guy tried to convince me these "were close." I don't think so.

Trim 3

So we left the sample of our existing and having them cut a blade so the new and the old will match. These types of details matter enormously to me. Trim is decided and ordered for the whole house.

The rest moved forward but is not finalized. That should happen this weekend. After all, I have work to do.

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