May 31 , 2012

This Renovation Is Not an Optical Illusion

The basement remodel is nearly complete. This is for my client whose house was featured on This Old House (R) a few years ago. Floors are in and cabinets installed. Before and current are attached. I promise you: it's the same space with similar camera angles!

Toh cabinet wall before


Cabinets basement


Blog toh basement before wall of doors

Wall of doors

Bet you couldn't tell it was the space. Amazing what a team of structural engineers, crew to rip up the floor and put in a new water line from the street, great contractors, wonderful finish guys and cabinet makers, my clients and I can do when everyone cares and works together!

Now onto finalizing decor! I am happy with this project.

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23 thoughts on “This Renovation Is Not an Optical Illusion”

  1. The best projects are when you forget what the old space looks like. Homeowners can’t remember how they got along before the renovation and everyone is blown away by the transformation.

  2. Amazing, I love reading and watching the pictures shown in your post.
    The architecture and design are our passion and we enjoy to communicate and show our work those people to have this passion in common.
    For us is great pleasure enjoy your blog.
    Thanks for your excellent post!

  3. You have make a cave like place a real home where human can live. Amazing efforts. I had just started seeing your blog pics. Loved to see them. They are so heart touching and soft looking. What else I can say?

  4. The transformation of the interiors of the house is really impressive and admirable. This is something that can inspire other people who don’t know how to start in creating positive renovations in their houses.

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