June 30 , 2010

AbbeyK Gets her Sofa Bed from Avery Boardman

Pinch me….My sofa bed from Avery Boardman is complete and due to ship. OK so I spent a fortune on it, but urban dweller that I am, my living room is my guest room and my sister told me she wouldn't come visit me again if I didn't get a sofa bed. She said she's too old for an air mattress.

I layed on every sofa bed on the market. And I decided to buy the best.

The Avery Boardman are as comfortable as a regular mattress. No pokey center bar to make your life miserable. I am afraid I am going to like it better than my bed and start sleeping in the living room.

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8 thoughts on “AbbeyK Gets her Sofa Bed from Avery Boardman”

  1. Had to laugh about your comment of no “pokey bar”. Those are horrible, aren’t they? Of course, you might have trouble getting guests to leave if you make your guest room too comfortable! Maybe keep a pokey bar handy that you can slip under the sheets if someone has over stayed their welcome đŸ˜‰

  2. I’ll have to keep a pokey bar handy, in the hall closet…..Great idea. One of my clients told me her mom had a Avery Boardman sofa bed and she and her husband slept on it a whole summer. And it was great.Can’t wait.

  3. If it means having your sister stay in your house, it was worth the money spent! Air mattresses can be horrible! My best friends wouldn’t stay with me either until I bought this fantastic bed from Ikea – no less and it is fabulous and so comfortable! I’ve slept in the living room countless times before because of it!

  4. Hope you enjoy your new sofa, I’m sure your sister will. My sister actually has a pull-out sofa-bed, and its comfortable to sit in, but not to sleep! It sounds like a wise “investment” for your and your future guests, no more camping in the carpet. Enjoy!

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