This Old House® West Newton Shingle-Style

It’s a grand Victorian with a dark entry, but we didn’t decorate to the style of the home. Instead, we focused on designing for today’s living. We kept the the dark wood original to the front of the house and then transitioned to painted wood in the back of the house and kitchen. We incorporated the client’s antiques and added new pieces throughout the home.


West Newton

Adding 600 square feet to a home requires immense attention to detail and a lot of planning. We opened up the space and lightened the color scheme. It’s warm, welcoming, and “just right.”


Needham New Construction

If you like color, why not go big and bold? This home features neutrals and pops of color. Large, over-scaled lighting completes the look. It is vibrant, fun, perfect for a growing family — and far from dull.


South End Pied-à-Terre

Who doesn’t love a gourmet kitchen? How wonderful to have space where you can entertain or just relax? When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we had it custom-made. We unified the whole space with the use of color and playful, bright posters.


Belmont Hill Victorian

Just because you have an historic home, doesn’t mean you have to decorate for yesterday. Why not break it up a little? Super comfortable upholstery, artisan-created lighting, warm colors, and rugs make this traditional home cozy yet elegant.


Lexington Family Home

Decorating for a family of six with a dog involves careful planning. We used patterns and textures to hide the occasional spill and selected fabrics that are super durable. We had upholstered items professionally stain treated at the fiber level. That’s the best insurance around.