February 28 , 2007

Progress in the kitchen, anyone?

Cambridge Renovation

Moving right along!
We thought wall cabinets would confine the space and we wanted to keep the budget in check, so we added some open shelving.

(Click on the images for a larger view.)



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5 thoughts on “Progress in the kitchen, anyone?”

  1. Your kitchen looks good. You’re right…open shelving is a great solution for a kitchen. It makes things look more interesting too, as well as being good for the budget. I have built in open shelving floor to ceiling in my own kitchen, just for this reason, and I love it. Good idea!

  2. Thanks Susan. Feel free to take a snapshot of your kitchen and send it along.
    Sounds great.
    I like an open feel. People sometimes fear it looks messy, but in this case, it’s mostly decorative things on those shelves anyway! I took the doors off of my cabinets in my kitchen. I like it too!
    Thanks for the post. Stay tuned for it finished. Window treatments are done so it should get installed soon.

  3. I love the link you sent. I love -love -love dramatic paint behind shelving. it really shows off the items. I checked out your web site. Your work is beautiful. (I cannot believe you were able to get such a great URL!)
    Thanks for your note. As soon as the contractor gets back to do punch list items (don’t get me started!) I’ll take the final photo. Today we installed a nice simple linen valance. I’ll post it, I promise.

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