October 7 , 2010

New Work from AbbeyK

Things have been CR-azy busy despite the "bad" economy. I did a photo shoot with Eric Roth a while back and am finally getting around to posting the new work.

This is from a Belmont Hill project. Historic home. Client likes soft colors: gold tones + green-ish blues, as you can tell. Loves wood too! Pretty happy with how things came out.

AbbyK Belmont window seat 

AbbyK Belmont table detail

AbbyK Belmont table


AbbyK Belmont pillows 


AbbyK Belmont stairs 2 

AbbyK Belmont livingrm 

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10 thoughts on “New Work from AbbeyK”

  1. Thanks, Terry. You can see this as you go up and down the main stairs. I love this window! The front door has really beautiful windows, too, as does the landing on the stairs mid-way up. So overall, stair case is a main feature with great windows.

  2. Abbey, you did an exquisite job with this home! The hardwood floors are beautiful and I love the juxtaposition of the dark wood furniture in the bright and airy dining room!

  3. That is so inspiring flower bouquet,different color and shape.It’s ideal to put in my room,looks beautiful. nice combination of different kinds of wood furniture.

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