November 30 , 2010

Lighting from New York and Connecticut

Our Thanksgiving antique whirlwind included 2 full days. We did all of Stamford on Monday, and twelve antique shops on Tuesday in NYC — about half down town and the other half uptown. Long, fun, and productive days. In addition to a whole bunch of furniture, we need lamps (and if we get lucky, we'd like to replace many of the hallway sconces.) We looked at some Delft from David Duncan (below), some Japonica, a stunning floor lamp from Maison Jansen and others.

Delft lamps

Other highlights? This Orrefors pair from Bernrd Goeckler. The glass is stunning in real life. (Something gets lost in photo translation.)


We loved these lamps at Marvin Alexander.


One great thing about my job is that I am always learning new things. Some might consider my brain a store house of useless information, but I do actually get excited when I learn something new.The question was: what is cinnabar?  I always thought it referred to a color — sort of a red, sort of an orange. Isn't there a color that comes from a tube of oil paint called cinnabar?  We learned that in this case, it refers to the technique of carving into layers and layers of lacquer to create the look of relief. When my client asked the sales person at the showroom what it meant, he he thought color too, but then the owner came by and explained it. Unlike cloisonne which is enamel on metal, cinnabar is done on paper-mache. Fun fact at the end of a long shopping day. Thought I'd share it with you.

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14 thoughts on “Lighting from New York and Connecticut”

  1. Beautiful lamps, and I learned something new about cinnebar too! I’ll have to look into that one a bit more (I love learning interesting stuff like that). Those lamps are really great – a fresh look but old world at the same time. Much better than the commercial designs which are so blaise. Thanks for the examples.

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