June 30 , 2008

How I Choose Fabric Construction

I consider the blends present in a fabric as well as the pattern and color.


Cotton does not always hold up as well as a cotton/poly blend. If fabric stretches too much I might reconsider the application. I also look for tightness of weave especially if there are kids or pets. If I put a chenille on a sofa, I get the fabric backed which stabilizes and prolongs life of the fabric. Rayon can give a nice, shiny appearance, but that shine can wear off.


But construction and weave do not exist in a vacuum.

I consider where the item is going and how much wear it will get. A delicate fabric is often perfectly suitable in a formal living room or on a pillow.

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2 thoughts on “How I Choose Fabric Construction”

  1. Abbey,
    How do you feel about ‘Scotch Guarding’ desirable materials that might be effected by dirt and dust? I’ve noticed that treating some fabrics ruins the softness or look that originally interested me in the material in the first place.
    I’d love any suggestions about materials, ‘sealants’, etc.

  2. Hi MM guy,
    I like to use professional stain treating for heavy used upholstery fabric. This type of stain treating treats fabrics at the fiber level.
    I do not use scotch guard as my understanding is that it wears off. Treating at the fiber level does not wear off. Professional stain treating runs a few hundred bucks for a sofa. So certainly a can of scotch guard is a less expensive investment.
    Some fabrics can loose their softness or drapability when treated so always test a sample to be sure.
    Best of luck.

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