September 20 , 2009

Bjorling Grant — must-haves for my condo

In April, the weekend before I became a home owner, I went to High Point NC to attend Spring Market, a trade show for home decor business. It was planned before I closed on the condo so the timing couldn't be helped, but life is like that and I was so glad I went. Met some great folks and made some great contacts, expanding the way I do business. 

Now that I am nearly ready to pull the trigger and buy some stuff, I thought I'd show some items I think I'm set on.  (Can you GET more noncommittal?… humorous that I really am stuck with the decorating of my own pad, when for clients I am quite decisive.)

One of the highlights of Market was Bjorling Grant. Ian and I had a great conversation about traveling, his studio in MN, and his beautiful objects and furniture. He travels the world collecting. In fact he has a TV pilot for the Travel Channel coming up.  He's to decor what Anthony Bourdain is to food. I wish him all the success and hope the pilot gets picked up. He's a nice guy with a passion for travel and beautiful and interesting things, and what can I say other than: you just want nice people to do well. 


Here is the coffee table I am thinking about getting. Well whatever version he has. They are all different. It's reclaimed wood.


And these baskets. I must have these baskets. Did you know I am obsessed with black pottery? It's so earthy. I have a whole bunch of it. Please don't call it "a collection." That would be way too decorator for me, but I do have a fair amount of it… I also like aqua pottery. No idea why. Just like it. Taste is like that. You don't always know why.


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4 thoughts on “Bjorling Grant — must-haves for my condo”

  1. Decorating a room in your home does not need to be expensive or difficult. Often you can achieve fantastic design results by spending a small amount of money on items that make a big difference, or by using items you already own. Great photos.
    Deirdre G

  2. Ah, Live edge! Bjorling has some beautiful pieces. It is refreshing to see your interest in natural materials and forms. I am a woodworker myself, who is exploring the blog sphere in quest of this kind of work, which is part of what I do. We are outnumbered by strict minimalist ultra modern designers! Nature does a very good job of design, thank you. Let it speak for itself!

  3. Ah, Live edge! It is refreshing to see your interest in natural materials and forms. Bjorling has some beautiful pieces. I am a woodworker myself who is exploring the blog sphere in a quest for this type of work, which is part of what I do. We are outnumbered by minimalist ultra modern designers! I believe that nature is the designer to follow. Just add a little bit of yourself, that is all that is needed.

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