March 28 , 2015

Factory tour of Gardner Mattress

Ever wonder how a mattress is built? Well, I've seen upholstery built, but never a mattress, so I was excited to get an invitation to Gardner Mattress. They make their own, high quality, hand-crafted mattress in Salem, Mass. They make custom sizes, too. Many of my customers have them, and I recommend them often, so the opportunity to see them built was enlightening.

The equipment they use was interesting to see.

They have their standard mattresses, but they also have the capability to make them to your specifications, a little firmer, a little softer. Or let's say you are 7-feet tall. They can make you an extra-long mattress. Nice feature for the tall people out there!

Below is a mattress after it comes out of a machine that puts enormous pressure on the layers — in this case I believe you can see the metal springs, cotton, Talalay (natural foam), the first layer of topper. PS typical foam is a petroleum product. Talalay is far superior and better for the environment. (Yes, it costs a little more). You can also see a lose finished material on top. That is the actual bottom. He put it on there, and then flipped it so he could do the actual top.


Then an outer layer goes on the top and bottom. He's hand tacking below.


After he did the real top. Then the side piece goes on…It pulls over like a sleeve.


This giant Singer Sewing machine goes around the edges and finishes it all.


And that my friends is how you build a mattress. One at a time.

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4 thoughts on “Factory tour of Gardner Mattress”

  1. Welcome back AbbeyK. This reminds me of my youth. My dad sold to mattress makers, mostly twine and paper bags for the mattresses. Plastic bags put an end to that. He’d take me around to see them made once on a while. My uncle had an upholstery shop. Good memories.

  2. Thanks Terry… I know it’s been a long time. Glad I could bring you back to your youth.
    The owner told stories about being in the horse hair room. Where they recycled the horsehair. Garner still makes a few models with horse hair. Hope you are well. I am getting back to blogging after an extended stay. New look coming soon too. Hope you are well.

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