December 1 , 2009

Air Mattresses, are they all hot air?

Stephen Treffinger "Road Tests" air Mattresses in the New York Times article, Guests? Just Roll Out the Air. He sleeps on a variety finding the Ultimate queen Insta-Bed, the most fun. I have an Aerobed, but over the years, my guests have complained it was too cold. We've tried a variety of solutions to no avail: blankets around it, cozy mattress pads. Nothing seemed to help. The air was cold all night long. Some home dwellers do not always have control over their heat – city apartment dwellers, especially, so I am wondering if that's the case for Stephen, the writer of the article. But at my house, the heat goes way down at night so I assume the air temp of the mattress matches the air temp on the thermostat, or close to it, anyway.

I have slept on my air mattress as well, giving my mom my bed when she has visited. Those were some cold, sleepless nights. Maybe it's a winter in New England complaint? Maybe in Tempe it's not an issue?…. so I was wondering what you all think?  

P.S. My sister told me I must get a sofa bed after her last visit. I am deciding between a few. Maybe I'll even splurge on an Avery Boardman….stay tuned for posts on that decision. I feel a little bad for waiting so long to act on the too cold air mattress guest situation, but I will fix that soon. I promise!

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