January 26 , 2009

Belmont Renovation and other projects

Had a big meeting Saturday for my Belmont renovation. Reviewed kitchen plan, how to open up the space to the adjacent dining room and discussed options. Made really good progress. Really excited about moving this forward! Next step? Finalize the floor plan so we can get firm pricing on cabinets/granite, and labor including electrical and plumbing and painting. Stay tuned.

Another project is just about to go to order. We did the LR/DR/Master bedroom and office. It's a cozy 2 BR condo in Cambridge and another nice client. But there's a mold problem in the bathroom, and it's leaking to the unit below. Yeah, it's simply time…. so that needs to get done. The contractor is going over tomorrow for a walk through and then we'll pick a date for demo. Everything is quoted. Just have to get it ordered. My plumbing guy says only 3 tubs in stock and the Toto toilets have been running with a lead time too, so I told my client, let's set the date and get everything ordered ASAP. The last thing you want to do is start demo before all your vital items are in, esp. when you have just one bathroom!!! No one likes a delay due to product delays, once demo starts.

Friday I am meeting with another client and her husband to sit in furniture for her kitchen and den and hopefully finalize that. Then we'll be onto her guest room, son's room and bathroom renovation. Wrap up the dining room and lighting…. I can't wait to see how everything comes out.

I have an office project and we need to schedule to look at products, so that's going well too. What else….waiting on a few meetings and proposals out for upcoming work, but current projects are getting exciting and it's going to be a busy winter and spring. Tomorrow I need a day in the office to catch up on small stuff, work on the never ending to do list and start getting on it.

Looks like the renovation projects will be staggered which helps with the manageability. (and luckily, they are all close by too so quick pop overs are a breeze.)

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