September 4 , 2012

Interior Design: How I Learn New Things All the Time, This Time about Slip Covers

One thing I love about the business of design is learning. Always new products, always mistakes to learn from (mine, client's, contractors). More efficient ways to do things, new technology, new tricks of the trade. It's forever changing.

Slip covers seem to be back in vogue. This year I have had 2 clients request them. When you slip in cotton, the great thing about it is that you can throw the slip covers in the washer. Perfect for people with pets, children, or guests or renters

The bad thing about cotton is that it can shrink. So you either have to pre-wash and shrink, adding time and money to the order, or you have to make the slip covers "shabby chic" with enough extra room that it doesn't matter. My clients typically prefer a more tailored look.

Currently, I have a client with a time constraint and some special circumstances, which in my business is the norm. Special needs? Special circumstances? Bring it on.

Typically, you have the slipcovers cut at the client's home, but this home is in a beach area in NJ and my client was not able to find a local source who could make them with zippers, so we needed a solution. I tried to convince the factory to let someone make slip covers and ship with the upholstery. That was not an option. So I am having them done at the local delivery warehouse.

The furniture has all arrived so it's time to move forward on the slip covers. I was going to send the fabric out to be pre-shrunk and ironed, which adds about 2 weeks to the project. But my workroom shared what she called an "unsolicited tip" to tell if the fabric will shrink.

Fabric swatchED

1) Take a Sharpie.

2) Trace a black line the size of an index card. (I used a large Post-it.)

3) Wash and dry on high heat in the dryer.

4) Test if the index card still matches the size of the index card.

If it matches, the fabric did not shrink.

So simple, so obvious, never though of it.

Just saved a whole bunch of time! Fabric will be released today and we can start cutting those slip covers soon! Victory!


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