November 30 , 2015

See Some Color Palettes from 2015

With the end of the year upon us, let’ take a look back at some of the color palettes I developed in 2015. Here are 3 color stories from different projects I worked on in 2015. These photos below came from 2 Family Rooms and a Living Room. (Of course there is more work, but some of the images were blurry or already deleted from my phone! What was I thinking?!)

A few trends over the last year? I have been noticing an interest in velvets and damasks and soft materials. Wallpaper is back in full swing again. In color, there’s a move from warmer blues to cooler blues. And from a sand color tan to taupe. Taupe seems to be the new tan. And everyone seems to be crazy about animal furs, faux of course. Especially popular are the 2012 Collection from from Sahco. Some pillows and throws are even pre-made!




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