January 16 , 2016

Buying Trends in Interior Design

If the world of interior design took a break from with the turn of the economy, but one trend I have been seeing is that in the interior design world, high end is back full swing. So what are some of the buying trends I have noticed?

Quality and luxury are key.

Many people are still interested in “Bang for your buck,” but only if it truly means value. Value is a word that is thrown around so much. To me it doesn’t mean the best price you can get. In my world, there is no “best price.” Most items are custom or one-offs. In the business of interior design, it is a different mindset from retail, and it’s not a big box store, but there is that place where price and quality converge. There are some products that are surprisingly well-priced for what they are in terms of quality, construction, and manufacturing processes. This Lee Industries sofa is well priced and a great sit. I just put it in a client’s family room.

A Variety of Price Points

Also I have noticed that clients are different price points in different places. Think: Family Room versus Living Room. Guest Room verses Master Bedroom. Or really fabulous where it matters to most to a client and a different price point elsewhere — everyone has a different priority. For some it might be spend on the rug and the sofa but more moderate for the side tables and lamps. And I do have clients for whom it’s luxury/high end all the way.

Busy, Busy Busy!

Another trend that continues is how busy people are. Are we getting busier and busier? My clients don’t want items that won’t last. They are sometimes willing to spend more once they learn about the differences because they don’t have the time or interest to go through the decorating process again. They want comfort and they want things that will hold up even if they have small kids and pets. Believe it or not, there are products out there that can hold up. Sunbrella and other solution dyed acrylic fabrics, no-mark are some examples.

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