January 11 , 2013

What a Client Wants. What a Client picks.

A client sent me some images of things she saw online that she liked for upholstery and rugs. Reds mostly. She sent the image of this rug. It's a nice rug. I like the rug. I know the rug. But with fabrics, it's hard to tell what the fabric actually looks like from the internet if you haven't seen it in real life.  I dutifully pulled those fabrics for her. It's a direction in any case and even if it doesn't end up being the decision, it informs the decision. I pulled some more reds to fill in the story AND I pulled what I thought would look good in the room, a color story based on a soft green. She, gave me permission to do so.


Sometimes I just have a hunch. The longer I am in business, the more I have learned to listen not only to the client, but also to the hunch. And since I have been working with this client for so long, I also knew her taste and lifestyle well.

Here is the green rug she ended up getting, along with the fabrics for the room. Start with red, end with green. Trust the process. Why not?


And it did the trick.

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