May 27 , 2009

Things that Need to Be Fixed in my Condo

It's hard to be in the interior design business AND be a home owner. When I looked at condos, I could add up in my head what was needed to do to the house and the number always got scary quickly. Not decorating, but repairs or renovations. And not the number a broker might tell you things cost. The real number. That's why I eventually decided to buy something already renovated.

My place is really great and is in move-in condition. Still there are things. There are always things, right? I spent a bundle buying bathroom accessories (towel racks and the like) and a water filter for the kitchen. I knew those were coming. They are part of my move-in budget. It's amazing how bothersome not having towel bars can be though, and I am looking forward to installing them.

I know, I know I am whining. People are dying in wars, losing their jobs, and all that jaz. It's in perspective, believe me….

But on the first walk-through, I did notice some things… file it under mistakes not to make when renovating.

1) Light fixtures. Folks, please think about how you hang your sconces. Eye level is a good place to start — these are WAY too high. Also don't put a sconce too close to a window or you won't be able to put a drape on that window. Do contractors think of these things, no! Do I want to put a drape on this window? Yes. So I'll have to have that taken down and capped off. Or cover part of the window.


2) tile cuts.
Please God, by all means, use the right tool! What is up with this tile cut hack job? I cannot stand how this looks. I have to get a contractor over to talk about banging out and replacing tiles. (not an easy task sometimes) The jagged edges on the corners are also dangerous.I have hurt myself on this rough edge already!

Dumb job tiling

4), 5), and 6) all go with the bathroom picture below

4) For the love of God put in enough storage at the sink. Lord knows I need a medicine cabinet, but with the height of the wall tile and the really bad sconce, I cannot simply pop one in above the chair rail. Hello contractor! Let's hope he tells me it's worth the hassle.


5) No down lights in a bathroom. EVER. Yes I am adamant about that!!!
Simply stated, no one needs to look droopy with all kinds of down shadows…No girl feels pretty this way. That's on the list to get replaced in time. Turning it so it faces UP won't work with a medicine cabinet b/c the arms of this sconce swoops down and will cover the medicine cabinet unless I mount it really high.

6) Think through switches in a bathroom and don't just let the electrician do what he wants. Here there's no room for a towel bar b/c of the placement of the switches. The GFCI does not need to go with the light switches. My hand towel solution is a bit too far out of reach, but really the only option — to put a glass shelf with a towel bar over the toilet — which gives me some more storage and a hand towel bar. Actually I couldn't find a product I liked that combined the shelf and the towel bar so I am mounting one over the other.

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