September 27 , 2012

By All Means, Come into my Office to Insult Me!

It's a beautiful fall day. The door is open. The sun is shining. A woman in her 70s pops her head into the door and asks, "Are you bored."

I think to myself: this is an odd way to start a conversation.

I look up from a desk full of paperwork, "Why do I look bored?"

Her response, "Well it's just the colors in here. They are — I dont know how to say it — boring. I like a little more jaz."

What I wanted to say was one of my grandmother's favorite come backs, "Who asked you?!"

What I said instead was, "I wanted it to be a neutral backdrop so that it doesn't compete with the work I do for my clients. A lot of my clients like a lot of color. Some like neutrals, but if I work around too much color, I cannot concentrate on my client work. It interferes."

She tells me wouldn't have picked the flooring I picked (cork). I tell her the benefits of cork, and and why I picked it. But that it's not for everyone. She tells me the space needs an oriental rug. She tells me she'd be very hard to work for.

Really? I love people who insult my taste.

I thank her for stopping by. I ask her name, wish her a nice day. The least I could do is be nice.

Things like this never happen when you work out of your home.

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13 thoughts on “By All Means, Come into my Office to Insult Me!”

  1. Really hard to work for? Was it even necessary for her to even say that out loud? LOL I hope you responded, increduously, “Really?!” A good dose of sarcasm is sometimes needed. 🙂

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