At AbbeyK, We Believe in

Our Customers

We want your house to be beautiful.  And we want you to be happy. You have our word: When problems arise, as they sometimes do, we do our best to make it right.

Comfort, Ease, Beauty, and Durability

Everything in your home should be comfortable and beautiful and make you feel good — from the layout of the furniture, to the materials selected to the flow of colors from room to room.  These days there are so many performances fabrics on the market that durability combined with beauty is an achievable goal.

Details Matter

Good interior design starts with a foundation of a technical expertise. We break down the process so you understand why a certain layout of a bathroom has been suggested, for example, or why a specific dimension of a chandelier is best for your space. We share share our knowledge base with you, so you understand the “why” behind the design plan. We have studied the standards and are obsessed with clear passage, which means there is enough space to pass between the items in your home.


My grandmother said it and it’s true: quality lasts. Buy the best quality you can afford — and it’s better for the environment to keep things out of landfills.


For us, there’s only one way to do business and lead our life. We are honest, down-to-earth, up-front, and ethical.