March 31 , 2008

A Must Have for Your Home

Architectural Digest asked some of the most influential designers and architects a series of questions in the January ’08 issue. I thought I’d answer the same questions for my readers. Each question is its own entry and will appear Mondays through May.

Every home must have…
A comfortable chair and ottoman with a great reading lamp. That cozy place to put your feet up, read a magazine or book and dream.

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3 thoughts on “A Must Have for Your Home”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Having that safe and comfortable place to read is ideal. Good idea on the lighting. Some people forget that part and low and behold it doesn’t get used for reading, only TV watching.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Cyrus. I am a huge fan of low lit anyway, so I like lamps. you have control over how much light you can put in them and they can create a nice mood in the room. Even if no one ever reads….

  3. Very good answer to this question! I think having somewhere to sit and relax is incredibly important. It makes working when you’re at home that little bit nicer as well 😉

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