April 2 , 2007

7 Ideas for a Fabulous Kid’s Room

A kid’s room can be a space for a child to grow into, a magical space for a child to play in, or a space for an older child to retreat to. You’d be surprised the changes a touch of creativity can make. Here are 10 great tips to create a room your kids love!

6a00d834519f3969e200e54f05b9688833-800wi1. Color Since children often prefer bold colors that are too bright for adult tastes, compromise is the way to go. Try choosing softer tones in the same family color family. You can bring in the drama with accent pieces or by adding bold colors in small doses. A cobalt blue counter top with a dramatic glass strip adds sparkle and interest to this bathroom.







6a00d834519f3969e200e54f19cac48834-800wi2. Walls A can of paint can transform a room, but there’s no stopping there. Great wallpaper borders exist at low prices. They can be added as a chair rail, crown molding or interest above a changing table. Stencils, stamping, and faux finishes are fun and stylish.

3. Windows Window treatments can make a room, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to create fun and functional window treatments. Ribbon, stamps, and cutouts can add interest to simple store-bought curtains. A design can even be applied to vinyl pull-down shades.



6a00d834519f3969e200e54f05bb1f8833-800wi4. Flooring To make flooring interesting, do up the floors. Adding a fluffy rug, a painted design, or an educational rug can bring interest underfoot.

5. Ceilings Ceilings are the most under-used space in a room and white is no longer the trend. Canopies, hanging lights, starry nights, clouds and colored ceilings are popular today.













6. Looks that Last Furniture that can adapt as your child grows is an investment worth making. Because tastes change as kids grow, items which are inexpensive to change like towels, posters or bedding area great way to decorate without having to redo a room frequently.

7. Organization and Storage When everything has a home, clutter disappears, and organization is a snap. Model a room like a kindergarten classroom with labeled activity areas, and you will teach them organization that will last a lifetime.

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