October 8 , 2013

Burying the Power Line: with apologies to MP

This is an allegedly true story.

My electrician calls Watertown Department of Public Works to get permission to bury the power lines to the house, and the woman on the other end doesn't want the lines buried, telling him they won't cut the sidewalk for this project. Electrician tells them he's going to go UNDER the sidewalk.

She asks, how are you going to do that?

We have a special piece of equipment.

Really? What is it?

It's called a shovel!

My husband asks how they do it? I don't know as I have never seen it done. It's been done on jobs, I simply haven't been on-site to witness the work. Today I stop by.

Here's how they do it. Three guys spend the whole day digging a trench from the house to the walk way under the walkway to the sidewalk under the sidewalk to the pole.

Burying line 1

Going under sidewalk 2

Going under sidewalk


Street side

It is back-breaking work without much to show at the end of the day except a very long hole in the ground. It's not like you dig a hole and put in a beautiful tree. There's a feeling of accomplishment to that. This is just no fun.

People want to know that their work matters. That what they do matters.
Burying the power lines matters to me and will make a huge difference
in my life. I tell them this. They seem a bit surprised that burying the power lines could make me so happy. You see, once the renovation is complete, we plan on living
here for decades. Those lines running diagonally from the pole across our bedroom really bother me. Really, really, REALLY bother me. It may sound obsurd for something like this to be bothersome, but it drives me crazy. I know I will be able to breathe and relax easier with those lines gone. 

A client once sent me an article on the research of happiness. I still have it somewhere. That getting a new fancy car does not lead to happiness; it just leads you wanting the next new and improved fancy car. But fixing the squeaky screen door? That can lead to happiness. This is my squeeky door. And I am so happy.


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