April 22 , 2013

Super AbbeyK Has Left the Building!

Perhaps it is middle age. (Oy! I am 47.) Or, perhaps it's the desire to no longer be a work-a-holic working all day and writing blog posts and doing social media at night. Perhaps something else or some combinations of things.

Who knows? But I have decided that I am no longer going to try to be Super AbbeyK. Creativity takes inspiration and time and reflection and is not always in synch with the demands of the modern world.

So I am going to take a step back and slow the pace down just a tad.

I am going to do the work, enjoy my clients, enjoy the process and make people's homes look nice. And while I am at it be kind, be creative and do the best job I can.

Post a few times a week?  Post every month? Folks, I haven't been able to do that for some time now so I am going to stop putting pressure on myself. It's sort of like trying to not eat any sugar. It just hasn't been working for me. So I'll have a treat now and then and post when something feels inspring or interesting or relevant. In the mean time, feel free to read through archived posts. After all I've been blogging since '06…I'll see you here again soon.


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