July 9 , 2012

AbbeyK, You Should Know Better Than to Leave the House Looking Like That!

The line at Pete's in Lexington stretched all the way to the back of the store. This is not usual for an early Sunday morning. Nor is it typical for me to be out of the house in my gardening finest: rolled-up jean shorts, sandals, a big, white over shirt and a large rimmed hat. It's a look that channels my inner camp counselor. Cute? Well, for gardening, maybe. Professional and neat? No.


But I am, after all, getting coffee and then heading to the garden shop to be followed by some serious yard work.

When I leave the house, I figure, it's OK. I won't see anyone. So I am in Pete's, waitng in line and one after the other, patrons walk in with the same befuddled look about the line. I say: I've never seen it like this. Others agree. The mood has a light summer vibe to it. Cheerful, I'd say.

Then a voice from the line says: do you write a blog?

Yes, I say.

Is your name, Abbey?


She tells me she reads my blog and that I should write more! She's so correct.

I have once been recognized right after This Old House aired. But I have never been recognized from my blog. I guess my little face in the corner and the videos make me recognizable even with a wide brimmed, silly hat on.

What a joy to meet a reader. We had a very nice conversation, and then we went our separate ways.

Part of me thinks I should never leave the house looking like that again. Consider your image, my inner decorator says. But it's summer and the 11 summers spent at Camp Chateaugay just makes me want to yell: Chateaugay 2012, yay!

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