September 11 , 2011

What I Did on My Summer Vacation 2011

Although I used to be an elementary school teacher, I never did assign that most dreaded writing assignment: what did you do over the summer Too open ended for most kids anyway, but since I haven’t posted since the summer began (gasp), I thought I’d write to tell you I am back and to let you know what I have been up to.

End of May I hit the wall. Or rather a new disorder, coined by me: “post traumatic stress client disorder.”; A quiet voice in my body told me it was time to go back to Maui and then after that rest for as much of the summer as I could. I was just so burnt out.

Of course I couldn’t blow off my clients for whom I had existing commitments, but I decided I needed to not take any new projects and to finally slow down and learn to no longer be a work-a-holic. And also my other goal was that at the end of the summer, it would be nice for a new big, juicy, whole house project to come in.

All together, I took of 5 full weeks: 2 in Hawaii, some time in VT, NH, western MA and a family visit to Woodstock, NY. Times in between were nice and slow. I took care of exsiting projects, chilled out, did yoga and took daily walks. I also worked on my apartment some, gardened and worked on a quilting project. What's this you say? You have a life again.

Then like clockwork, the new project came in at the end of the summer. So that’s exciting. And since I have been threatening to get an office as soon as” the next big one comes in”. I bit the bullet, and rented office space. After almost 10 years in business, I need my life and my privacy back. Working at home is one thing, but I have staff and while I love them and we are close and share a lot about our lives, it’s still nice to know you can leave a dish in the sink

So I signed a lease and the renovations have begun. It’s right in Belmont so I am very excited and I am sure new good things are to come.

I’ll be back on regular posting soon. Promise. For now I am a bit overwhelmed.

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