May 21 , 2011

AbbeyK FINALLY Decides on Something for Her Home

My house is ALMOST DONE. The panels are installed. (Have to get you folks some pics.) Picked fabrics for the seat covers in the dining room.

It's near torture for me and not one bit fun. It's just short of going to the dentist. You think I am kidding. I am not.

Lest you are a client, or considering becoming one…don't worry. My work is a different story.180 degrees. That's why this inability to decorate for myself is so amusing.

The current "challenge" is the custom rug I designed for my kitchen/dining room. It wasn't cutting it. I've had those samples for quite some time now, but I just couldn't pull the trigger. Something was not right.

Square peg/round hole? Trying too hard? Having the common designer affliction of not being able to decorate for ones self. Yes to all.

I have been looking at rugs "forevah." Today I went back to Steven King and pulled completely different products from those I had pulled on the embarrassingly high number of previous visits.

And I got a winner. We put it down in my kitchen/dining room and knew RIGHT AWAY. It raised its hand and said: Please, please please buy me. How could I ignore such a polite request?

Here it is. It's flat woven, teal with taupe and dark "sheep colors" running behind it. Pulls the room together. Isn't loud, but rather quite subtle. And I love the taupe fringe.

My rug 

Lead time is about 4 months, but I am just delighted to have the decision made. This and my taxes out today = a good day.


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