April 14 , 2011

Simple Things Make Me Happy

Chip samples 

In the mail came chip samples. Oh this saves sooooo much time running around trying to coordinating finishes when a room has pieces from more than one vendor — which is pretty much always the case. This vendor has decent representations from their catalogue, but something gets lost in translation from printing. The box arrived today with the ring set for upholstery and a box for their occasionals. I am delirious. I order a lot from them, so this will save a lot of time!

More excitement at AbbeyK today: computer guy set up virtual office and did chord control. I feel so much lighter not seeing all those messy chords. Can you feel the ease of my breath now?

Chord control 

I am also delighted about getting virtual office going. Yesterday, poor Mia spent over 3 hours driving to and from the office in pouring rain. An office day for her, she could have worked at home had she had access from her computer to mine, so we set that up. I'll order eFax next. That way she can expedite from home on bad weather days. (OK so perhaps I should have done this earlier in the year after the most terrible winter of all times, but it's done now, so no no looking back.)

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