February 4 , 2011

Too Many Issues but then JOY

A problem day — A desk didn't come in right. The top was not created to spec. Since August I have been trying to get it right. Today when the workers tried to detach the top from the base and the edge detail broke. Then we realized that the top wasn't built exactly the same as the original so it wouldn't attach correctly. The client understandably was upset which was sometimes directed towards me. I have been working very hard to get this right by him. I understand he was upset. It is a tough situation.

A fabric short shipped — 16 yds were ordered 14 shipped. Good news is that it is not discontinued. Thank every god you can think of. The fabric ships from England and takes a few weeks to arrive, so there will be a delay, but nothing major.

A fabric needs backing for upholstery and the manufacturer's price was too high. I know what the costs are as I often send things out for backing. Most manufacturers just pass on the costs. Maybe they made a mistake? Maybe they'll let me order the backing direct? We'll see.

There is so much snow, that everyone is losing their minds. Me, I have already lost mine. Completely.

Then in the mail, I received an envelope from my sister. What is this? I pondered. My sister sent me the most adorable pictures of my niece and nephew with the note: "Babbey, We Heart U!"

Babbey is nephew's name for me. No Aunt business, just Babbey. Now even my mother calls me Babbey.

This photo surprise made everything OK. Happy and Bright. Share with me a little slice-o-joy.

 J and c

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