November 28 , 2010

New York and Connecticut Antique Shopping Trips

Tag-teaming with the Thanksgiving Holiday, I spent two days antiquing with my Cambridge client. We have the bulk of everything done but need a piece or so per room. The big hits were anything Maison Jansen at Greenwich Living in Stamford. I think we'll find a place for some Jansen somewhere. Just a question about placing the right piece where.


 The client loves the formality of the French style and they seem to have so much good Jansen in Stamford. For many, this look is simply over the top, but in the right setting, it's beautiful. Either one of these could look great in the dining room. I prefer the one on the top  because it's simpler and the marble will work well, but I want to visualize it in the space.

Ritter Antik in on 10th Street in New York is known for Biedermeier. I'd love to see some more wood in that dining room to tell you the truth. We already have a black fireplace (original to the house), a black table, a black and gold mirror (from his mother's home) AND a black server. I know he's a guy – but still –that's a lot of black. I am hoping he chooses to break it up a bit. Loving these commodes. Book-match?

Be still my heart… Ritter


My client also really liked some of the etageres and servers at Ritter. The neoclassical one with the boobies, I don't care for personally as much, but maybe because I am a girl, I don't see the need for boobies on furniture. When I told my brother-in-law about the piece, he liked the idea of boobies on furniture. (Of course he did.)


Mid-day, I picked up my niece after school. She took notes to make sure we collected tear sheets of all the items my client liked and was offered candy and cookies everywhere we went. One showroom scared her. When you are nine, life-sized sculptures of lions are not whimsical.

When Cathy Lerebours asked where we had been, I told her that I had had heart palps at Goeckler. Of all the commodes we saw, this took my breath away. That doesn't happen often.

 Baltic commode

I am also completely in love with Bernd Goeckler's pottery and lamp collections. This bowl was one of my favorite things I saw hands-down. Not for my client, not his taste. 

Arne bang dish

When I showed him this bowl, he said jokingly, "I thought you are here for me? Take that time you spent showing me that bowl off the bill." I asked if he'd buy it for me as a present. But then later I saw a set of 6 chairs at ?Yale Burge for 28K that I told him those would be a better present. (Decorating humor)



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