April 1 , 2010

What’s New at AbbeyK

I am so sorry for not posting in a while. Things have been NUTS around here. 

A new staff member, Carey started about 2 months ago, full-time. Please join me in welcoming Carey. He's been a huge help, a great addition, but training and getting used to each other takes some time.

My work load is up to better than before the economy tanked. Thank goodness.

  • I have a whole house project in Cambridge. I wrote a bit about that. I'll try to include more on the blog. We're making good headway and he's picked some wonderful pieces so far. Mix of antique and new.
  • I am finishing up another whole house project. That one we are doing in stages and are about ready for stage 2. End tables, window treatments, master bedroom. Fun! 
  • A new project, a referral, in Newton starts today. I had interviewed a year ago, so I am delighted to have gotten the job. Smallish, but a really nice client.
  • Another new project with a repeat client starts as soon as I can get the contractors in to give a bid. It's another small one, but I am always happy to help an old client if I have the time. These folks live abroad and they need some repairs done and some re-decorating to the living room. We can fit this in among the others, no problem.
  • Working with a young couple in Boston, whom I also interviewed a year ago. We are doing really fun and happy colors. They are quick decision makers, so we should be ready to order soon.
  • Two Interviews this week. One on Monday and another Friday. One was a referral from the young couple with the happy colors, another from the web.

Phone's been ringing. Looks like we are gearing up for a busy spring and summer. Projects seem well paced as I write this, with room still for a big project or two, in case you are wondering.

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