April 22 , 2010

High Point Fabric Trends 2010

My name is Abbey and I am a fabric addict. I cannot help it. I just L.O.V.E fabric. Just back from NC, here are some trends I noticed while in High Point. Although High Point is a furnishings market, well fabric and furnishings go hand in hand. Here's a sampling of what I saw.

Fabric purple

  • Acidy and bold color combinations — teal, orange, brown

Fabric colors

  • Botanical prints made into fabric — These are in my best of show category from Design Legacy.

Fabric on upholstery

  • Shiny! This one is a non-crushable velvet. (from Pearson)

Fabric shiny

  • Words and letters, especially if they look like they might have come from a burlap sack from France or a signage of some kind. (from Pearson) Sorry this one's a bit blurry….new camera.

Fabric words on things

  • Strong geometrics and cut out motifs — The pagodas and the headboard geometric I saw at more than one showroom. How does that happen? (from Century )

Fabric geometric and bold

  • Suzannis and ikats and other ethnic prints. This exact ikat I saw a few times, as well.

Fabric trends

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