April 26 , 2010

Bobo Does Restoration

Another buzz at this year's market was the news that Bobo Intriguing Objects had licensed to Restoration Hardware. Their look is all over the Spring cover. I got the catalog just a bit before market and thought hmmm… looks a lot like Bobo. And sure enough, I found out it was.

As the saying goes, so goes CA, so goes the rest of the country. The same is true for trade-only sources. They spread like wildfire to retail. Quicker than in the past, I am told.

I guess Bobo figured before someone else knocked them off, they should do the deal themselves. Restoration should call this collection the Bobo Collection, not the Spring Collection.


Bobo is everywhere. What is Bobo you ask? Think rustic finishes, French-inspired, garden, metal and glass.

Kinda chunky. Kinda funky. Good in small doses, but it can look dirty to me.



In a word, like the Restoration photo. Whatever you do — just don't do too much of it.

Bobochandelier Bobochandelier

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