March 16 , 2010

Two Similar Chairs, Two Different Price Points

Here are two chairs. On first inspection, they are similar. Both are based on a Louis XV Berger Chair. A classic form. Look at the front. Look at the back. Ignore the fabrics. Focus on the form. You'll notice the graceful upholstered backs and seats. The carving. The little arm pads on the arms. The cabriolet leg. All hallmarks of the Louis XV.




But when you start to appreciate the details a difference occurs: notice the grace of the shape of the legs; the craft level involved with the carving; quality of the finishes – That my friends is the difference in an nice chair by Robert Allen (blue upholstery), and a really really nice one by EJ Victor (brown finish/ivory upholstery) who b.t.w. in Boston is rep'd by Robert Allen Beacon Hill.

Detail 1

Detail 2

It's nice to have a choice of price points and to also recognize the differences. For some people a better price point represents value. For others, higher quality is worth the difference in price.

What is important to you?

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