February 2 , 2010

Antique Rug Shopping in NYC — Doris Leslie Blau

We continue on the pursuit for antique Persian rugs for one of my projects. Options get limited locally. Boston is a small pond. So, with a family visit planned to my sister in Manhattan, I tacked on a few days to do some work while in the city. I brought my 8-year-old niece, Jasmine, along for the first annual, "take your niece to work day." Here is one of the rugs we looked at, an antique Sultanabad.

BB4226 Persian Sultanabad 18 x 12.7 T. 

First stop, Doris Leslie Blau. Muffie Cunningham, was great to work with and so sweet to my niece. 

We have mostly been considering blue/red Persians, but my client asked to see some other color ways. We had been considering rugs with a center medallion for the living room, but he also wanted to consider rugs with all-over patterns that could still transition to red/blue. The one below is a Tabriz. Stunning.

 BB4493 Persian Tabriz 20.8 x 14.10 T.
At Doris Leslie Blau, Jasmine had many questions. I mentioned to Muffie that my client liked blue/red Persian rugs, but not anything too geometric. He doesn't for example like Caucasians. My niece whose father is from Senegal, West Africa asked, "Why doesn't your client like white people?" Good question actually, and a wonderful moment to explain some geography and history.

PS Here's an example of a Caucasian rug. This one I have not seen, in real life, but it's from Double-Knot.


Jasmine was pretty into the retractable tape measure. I don't think she's ever had much opportunity to use one. She wanted to measure how tall she was, how tall I was. There is some down time while you are waiting for the 100 lb rugs to be unfurled. When Muffie said one rug was 18' long, Jasmine measured it herself by placing one foot heel to toe, one foot after the other, until she had covered the whole length. Then she proclaimed the rug was in fact 28 feet. We took out the tape measure and measured her boots to be approx 8". So then I explained.

It's easy to forget how much decorating has to do with history, geography, math… and who knew? All in one showroom visit. 

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