January 24 , 2010

Antique Persian Rugs, What’s Not to Like?

Working with Landry & Arcari on a rug project. We are focusing on Antique Persian Rugs of the stunning variety.

We brought many rugs to the house for the first viewing. We need rugs for the study, living room, dining room, entry, hall, office, and maybe master bedroom. These rugs are great in real life, but for some reason, the more beautiful the rug, the worse it looks on screen. Some of the subtly of color and pattern is lost for some reason.

JF2933 JF2214  



Once you identify what you like in the shop, then you have to identify what looks good in the space. The dining room rug we loved on site turned out to be a hair short, so we are trying to find longer ones in the same style. We're Goldilocks-ing it and looking for rugs that are just right. Round 2, next week hopefully.

We want the colors to flow but have different styles from room to room. You can see how these rugs go together but are the different. That's our goal.

It's not uncommon for one room to be more challenging to solve. For the living room, the client thought he wanted a rug with a giant center medallion, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized that an all over pattern is better for that room. So we are onto that.

Oooh, I love doing rugs. In an ideal world, you pick the rugs and then build the whole color palette around it. Also lucky for me, this client happens to have good taste and I love all his selections so far.

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