January 30 , 2010

House Plants for Northern Exposure

A day doesn't go by without getting a question whose answer I either don't know or only partially know. It's the fun of this business — Constant learning. I am perfectly comfortable with saying: "I don't know but I can find out." I also like learning new fun facts. Today I learned that the figure in wood that makes an arched/pointy shape is called a "cathedral." You can see an example below. 

 PS. More terms about wood veneer can be found at Joewoodworker.com. That's where I found the image, too.

Dieffenbachia Peace Lily

Same week, different question. Yesterday, a client asked me for suggestions for houseplants for low light. A few came to mind, but I called my sister, the lawyer, (who is in the middle of a big case) to ask her. Right out of college, she worked at a garden shop so she really knows her plants! I never call her at work unless it's important, but I needed to call in a  life line, just like on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."

Back at the office, Carey did some research because the client wanted pictures of our suggestions. I am a plant person. I don't like spikey plants though– in my house or in my garden — so my favorites from the list are the Peace Lilly above right, Dieffenbachia above left. I also really, really like a Schefflera. The one below is varigated. There's one in front of my fire place. (Reminds me time to re-pot.)

Varigated Schefflera

More to consider for low light are the ever easy to grow, nearly impossible to kill, Pathos, below.

Golden Pathos

We didn't send him ivy or palms because he said he didn't like palms, so we instead sent him Dracaena (left) and Corn Plant (center), and Cast Iron Plant (right) because not everyone is like me. Some people like the spikey ones. What do you like for house plants? Or are you a non-plant person? 


 Cast Iron PlantCorn plant  


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