December 18 , 2009

What are the Best Towels?

What towels do you think are the best?

When I moved into my last apartment, I bought some very luxurious Christy Renaissance towels at Bloomingdales. They were the perfect shade of navy and the sales woman told me the towels were great….Well, however "fabulous" they were, my boyfriend hated them. Hated them. His claim? While oh-so-soft to the touch, they didn't do what a towel is supposed to do. They didn't get the water off the skin. It was like a fine layer of water was left sitting on the skin.

So I bought another set. Where did I get these? Kmart. Martha Stewart Everyday.

Truthfully, I love the Kmart towels. They take care of the water problem better than the Christy. They have also held up better than the Christy in the washer and dryer. The Christy loops have pulled all over the place making them look shabby. Plus, the  Christy's color has faded dramatically, while the Kmart look fresh.

The Kmart ones look as good as the day I bought them.

In my work life, I have a new client whose new home is empty. One thing on the list is new towels. My assistant and I met to go over details and she'd do the retail shopping. We discussed this exact issue with the client — softness versus wick-ability. He agreed his current towels don't wick. So we are to find him a second set in a shade of medium blue for his bathroom. He's going to test them out; then we'll buy towels for the rest of the bathrooms. I am going to try Target. I have good luck there, and it's close to my house. (K-Mart doesn't have the right color.)

So what do you think about towels? Buy the most luxe, soft ones you can find? Or the scratchier ones that actually take care of the water? Curious. Or maybe a happy medium?

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