November 8 , 2009

Update on My Condo Decoration, not!

Condo update: I am sorry to say, not much has happened. I did pull up the garden and put in tons of bulbs. 6 months until May when you can get in the ground. Mother's day is sort of the cut off. Memorial day if you want to be REALLY safe. So now I am putting my focus on the inside. I bought a hutch on Craig's list that I need to prime and paint. I thought that would get done last weekend or this, but I have been so busy with work that I really need the weekend to rest a bit. It will come…. I will do it. I'll post pics when it's done.

I wasn't planning on going shopping today. But sometimes you wake up and you just need to move on something. Here's the issue: I cannot see the TV in my bedroom. I (pathetically) like to watch TV before I go to sleep. Ten years ago, I had bought a 19" diagonal for my dresser. It was fine. It was placed to the side of the bed. I didn't care that it was a tiny screen. It got the job done as a dozing mechanism. But now with my 40's firmly upon me, the vision is not as good as it once was. Plus, in my new bedroom, the TV is now 8 feet from the bed. (Really — though, who could see a 19" screen at 8 feet?)

I purchased a 27" flat screen. That was the largest size that would fit in the little nook next to the closet….27" is soooo huge in my space….it feels like I am at the cinema!

I got the TV in the house AND set it up myself. Even got the cable to work!!! I am very proud of myself for setting it up myself. Usually I look at those manuals and give up after about 2 seconds. But I was determined. Plus, I emailed tech support at Verizon for instructions. (I have a hard time with a manual.)

More good news is sure to come on the home front, especially since Filomena, my former assistant, is going to come work for me again!!! I am so happy.  Now with her help running things, I'll have time freed up. One of the first items to accomplish is finally ordering furniture for the office. Once that is done, the next thing on the list — decorating for the living room. I need a sofa bed and to get my grandma's chairs re-upholstered. I have picked the frame style for the sofa bed,  if I could only select fabric for the chairs and the sofa. Decorating for myself is near torture. I love doing it for others. But myself? Oh, not easy! 

But change is good. Things are moving forward, even if I don't have much to show for it yet. I'll post pictures soon.

Filomena coming on board again will be great. And in the meantime, I am gonna watch a bit of Sunday night TV.

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