November 22 , 2009

Nothing Like a Deadline to Make you Make up your Mind: condo progress

I get absolutely no joy in decorating for myself. For others, it's fun. I love it. But for myself, it's painful. I just want it done.

My painter is coming the first week of December to paint my office, my bedroom, and the bathroom. He said he wanted paint colors the week of Thanksgiving. Here are the front runners — taupe in the bedroom, blue or green in the bathroom.


Most paint stores are closed on Sunday but there's one in Quincy that is open, Drive in Paint Mart. They have C2 so I could get a super chip to confirm what I wanted for the bedroom. When I got home, I knew immediately: C2 Cappuccino Froth it is. (That's the taupe.)

For the office it's Ben Moore Acadia white, an off-white.  It will be a subtle contrast from the stark white desk tops, file cabinet, trim, and shelving. (No chip shown of Acadia white.)

The bathroom is a bit of a challenge. Hate the acidy-green in there now. (I'm typically such a green fan, just not THIS green.. The stone is green marble. It's perfectly fine. The floors are 12 x 12
black and white — which I don't love, because I have to sweep every day. I have black, curly hair and that's not a good combo with the white tile. It just looks dirty .

Snide comment alert : Hmmmm…..Black and white 12 x 12 on a bathroom floor. What was the developer thinking? (Oh wait, he wasn't thinking — meow.)

My grandma's
paintings seem to be at home in the bathroom. As do the mini quilts. I made them
about 15 years ago and they make me happy. They are a modern take on a traditional, log cabin
pattern. It's all top stitched.

Bath longshot

Grammas 2

Stan Tasker, my freshman drawing teacher taught us to put our work up on the wall in our dorm rooms and then to look at it first thing in the AM. He told us that whatever jumps out at you is what you need to work on. Don't think, just trust. First thing in the AM, your brain is not thinking so much. So I will follow Stan's advice and decide tomorrow AM whether it's blue or green in the bathroom.

So that is the plan, Stan: Either Haddon hall or Argyle, both by C2.

Any votes?

PS. Other things are in process. The Craig'slist find, the new Dining Room hutch, is at the re-finishers. That will be ivory on the outside with Wedgwood blue on the interior.
For the office, a whole bunch of progress over the last few weeks…My formerly black file cabinets are at the metal re-finishers. Those are
soon to be all white. The wall cabinets are ordered. They will be white,
too. The free standing shelving from Room and Board will be painted white. Are you sensing a trend for the office? All that's left is ordering the desk tops…. Big surprise: they will be white, as well. So I really
am making some steps. Hopefully by January everything will be in. Start the year fresh!!! 

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