October 1 , 2009

Watch the Relic Hunter with Ian Grant on The Travel Channel — premieres 10/3

Posted last week about Ian Grant. Got an email that his show is premiering on The Travel Channel this weekend. 

Nice people deserve to succeed, and he's a nice guy. Plus I saw the pilot and it was G.R.E.A.T!

So all you party people out there, make sure to tune in!

Here's his email:

Our series The Relic Hunter with Ian Grant is premiering on October 3rd, Saturday nights, 10pm eastern on the Travel Channel.  This is a pretty exiting deal for me.

We are the new kid on the Travel Channel block, the underdog, the long-shot.  If I could play an 80's rock anthem right now, I would. We could really use your help getting the word out.  If you would be willing to forward this email on to your friends, clients, strangers, anyone and everyone you have ever met in your entire life, letting them know that a friend of your's has a show premiering on the Travel Channel, that would be a great help. I ask this all the while being someone that rarely likes forwarding on emails to people as it can get a little obnoxious at times, so if you would rather not, that's cool. But if you can help, here is the set up:

You can go to our link on our web site to all things Relic Hunter (its pretty much the same thing that is written here plus a video) and we are also trying to get people signed up as fans as much as possible on our Facebook page, so join us there as well.  Most importantly, tell people to watch it, TVo it, DVR it, whatever.  It all counts.  If you can help in any way to get the word out that would be really great. 
all the best,

Ian Grant

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