October 21 , 2009

Stephanie Sachs, Maui artist shows in New York

At the end of September, I headed to NYC to attend the gallery opening of my art school buddy, Stephanie Sachs. She showed at Brenda Taylor Gallery on 25th.

Here we are outside her Chelsea opening — Steph (left), Adam another friend from college (center), and me (right).


Stephanie has been living on Maui since college, and she makes her living as a fine artist. What a great thing it is to live the life you want to have!

Here are pictures of her work. Very layered, subtle, and pretty. Contrary to what they told us in college, pretty is NOT bad. Pretty can be quite lovely. Stephanie's art makes you feel good. How could that be bad? Colors get a bit lost on the screen though. They shimmer and have great depth is in real life.



More exciting news: Stephanie has another NYC show coming up, a group show in November, at Heidi Cho Gallery on 23rd, so if you are in NY around Thanksgiving, make sure to visit.

See more of Stephanie's work at The Fine Art of Stephanie Sachs. Oh, and buy her work.

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