September 2 , 2009

Virtual Decorating

A client sent me this article Renovating and Industry from the New York Times. The business of interior design is changing. Is it permanent? Or just a sign of the times?

From the article: "In a recent survey, the American Society of Interior Designers reported that 65 percent of its members said they were taking smaller projects than they once had, compared with 50 percent who said that in 2008."

So flexibility becomes important. What have I been doing in this economy? Focusing on service and quality and trying to be creative with budgets. I've started selling some products direct from North Carolina which allows me to offer great quality at a value. Clients have become more price conscious in this economy so the only way I can get the price down is either 1) decrease price or 2) decrease quality. Decreasing quality is not something I am willing to do. (Don't get me started on that whole "it will end up in a landfill" soap box.) So I have to get creative in ways to get price down for the same high quality. And this is a challenge.

Some designers have started doing on-line decorating. The article talks a lot about that. I really don't know what I think of that. Designer friends at dinner tonight said: no way! you need to be in the space to see and feel your way through all the details. That is a valid point, but if a customer is looking for this kind of service, perhaps it is a good way to reach potential clients.(That's the entrepreneur in me thinking.)

Anyone have thoughts or experience with on-line decorating? Would love to hear your thoughts, dear readers.

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