September 16 , 2009

Progress Update on My Condo (and a story about my grandma)

Many of you have asked me to write about my decorating of my condo, now that I am (finally) a home owner. I have been focusing mainly on my garden all summer, but there has been some progress on the inside, so here's the update, in 3 parts. One part is about my grandma though.


This first part is about storage and organization.

1) The new kitchen cabinets have arrived. I am filling in the peninsula with cabinets since I never sit there…. They are getting installed Friday. I am beyond excited. This was my friend Siobhan's idea. Thanks S!

2) The Robern medicine cabinet shipped broken the first time, but arrived safely today so I picked that up in time for the date w/the contractor on Friday. I will have so much more storage in my bathroom. It will be great.

3) All my new bathroom accessories are also installing on Friday. Ecstatic to have towel bars.

Now with this first stage about to install I am ready to deal with the next round of decisions: a few pieces of furniture for the dining room and also some re-upholstery in the living room. The rug for the dining room is on hold. I'd rather figure out what to do for furniture for the time being.


This next part is a little bit about indecision.

I am pretty sure I have chosen a fabric for my grandma's chairs. I love these chairs. My grandma sat in them every day. It's not a form you see around a lot though, but they sit like a dream and they are so classic and beautiful to me. Love the cap arm and the small buttons on the back. She bought them in 1965. How's that for good quality? A few years ago, the fabric lost its charm, but they have held up extremely well and just need some freshening up. The frames are perfect.

Here is the chair. Here is the fabric I think I want to use. I do love a diamond.

Gmas chair

Grandmas chair fabric

But there's some indecision about details. Mostly I want the chairs exactly the same, but a few details I am mulling over…..Maybe I'll do a row of chord along the bottom of the chairs for a bit of contrasting a solid pale green? Maybe the buttons need to be solid pale green too? What do you think about the trim and the buttons….too much? Or just right?


This is the part that's about love for my grandma.

Here is a picture of my grandma taken in March '08. What a stylish lady in paisley!

As you can see, she is sitting in her chair. My nephew was just born and my sister and I brought him over so Gram could meet him. She died at age 97 just about a year after this picture was taken. She was so happy that day. Gma

In many ways she is my fashion inspiration who taught me so much about the importance of quality. She was famous for statements like:

"If you like it and it fits, buy 2!


"What do you mean brown doesn't go with blue? That's like saying the trees don't go with the sky."

You have to say all of these with a Brooklyn accent for the full effect.

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